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Sponsoring the Local Web Community

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Behind the scenes at VV, we have a large in house team of enthusiastic developers continually innovating, adding to and improving the services available to our customers. It is a well known fact that technology is advancing at incredible rate which can make it challenging to stay ahead of the curve. However, with access to local meetups and international conferences we provide our developers with the best opportunity to stay ahead and develop their knowledge. 

As of November 2018, we have proudly become a monthly sponsor for Staffs Web Meetup ran by our very own Natasha Wylie (UX / Front End Developer). 

Staffs Web Meetup is an informal gathering of web, engineering and tech enthusiasts held monthly at Entrust in Stafford. The group has been meeting every month for the past four years and is still going strong with around 35 – 60 attendees each month. 

All events are free to attend, with food and drink provided plus a raffle prize draw. In order to keep the events free, Staffs Web Meetup rely on sponsorship from local businesses including VV, Kanuka. Digital and Codeweavers.

The sponsorship helps towards venue costs, food, drink, prizes, guest speakers, advertising and ongoing stationary costs. Our support isn’t just about the sponsorship, each month several of our development team attend the meetup gaining valuable knowledge and ideas which help us to improve the services available to our customers.

Staffs Web Meetup also provides attendees with the opportunity to do some public speaking in the form of lightening talks, workshops and demonstrations. So far, we have seen David Mountford (our Lead Front End Developer) present a talk on Front End Debugging and are due to see Louise Bradshaw (our Data Analyst) talk about the Importance of Quality Data.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2019 where we’ll see talks on ElasticSearch, Unity 101, Vue.js, SEO and more.