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Making Markets Transparent

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Nearly 10 years ago we launched VesselsValue with the aim of bringing new levels of objectivity, consistency and transparency to our industry. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and our growth from a start up to the company we are today.

We launched in 2011 by providing the world’s first truly automated, data and algorithm driven vessel valuations. Through the last decade, we have expanded our services to include additional values such as Fixed Age, DCF, Forecast and most recently Condition Adjusted Values. This as well as our mapping and tracking and trade services make up the service you see today.

Our hope was, and remains to be, that the continued expansion of our data and analytics, delivered in an easy to use online or data feed form, would help bring transparency, reduce risk and help our customers outperform the often tricky markets.   

Now, as we start the new decade, we are excited to continue to develop our services to further help you understand the ever changing markets, particularly the effects of regulations and related vessel technologies on values and the emerging new trends in trade flows and vessel demand. For example, the effects of IMO 2020 are now starting to be reflected in reliable market data rather than just conflicting opinion. Emerging policies such as the Poseidon Principles and the expectations of further IMO regulations are major factors that we are closely monitoring.  We will always stay objective, looking at what the data is showing rather than what interested parties are commenting upon. The market will do what the market will do and we will continue to represent it as accurately and clearly as possible

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