Top 10 Shipowning Nations by Total Asset Value for 2024

Utilizing the VesselsValue database, we’ve reviewed the total asset values for vessels by beneficial owner country to determine this year’s top 10 shipowning nations. From Japan’s resolute leadership in the top position with a USD 206.3 billion fleet, to the emergence of Hong Kong at USD 44.7 billion, the asset values and ownership strategies have …

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Bulker Market Resilient After Lunar New Year

As stakeholders navigated numerous variables over the start to 2024, including global economics and shipping route disruptions, the Bulker market remains dynamic and responsive to evolving trends and challenges. Bulker earnings reached their zenith in December but have since experienced a customary seasonal dip. However, despite the current decline, earnings continue to stand at historically …

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Car Carrier Sector Ripe for Consolidation,$150k per day Rates Remain a Possibility

Car Carrier Sector Ripe for Consolidation,$150k per day Rates Remain a Possibility. according to VesselsValue.

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Notice to customers: VesselsValue to withdraw from Superyacht market
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VesselsValue to withdraw from the superyacht industry

VesselsValue is withdrawing from the superyacht market and will stop providing valuations and market data mid-2024. We will continue to provide superyacht data and valuations for our subscribers until their subscription renewal date, when it will be switched off from their account. VesselsValue will no longer offer Superyacht subscriptions from mid-2024. We appreciate all that …

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Richard Rivlin, CEO of VesselsValue, Answers Our Questions

To mark VesselsValue’s 10th anniversary we interviewed Richard Rivlin, our Founder and CEO to learn more about how he has grown the company and his plans for the future. Q: How many are you at VesselsValue? From the initial team of 10 when we launched in 2011, we have now grown to 170 people operating …

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Building a Compelling Company Culture at VesselsValue

The Last Decade The Company’s recent milestone birthday has naturally prompted many of us at VesselsValue to reflect and look back over the past ten years. As someone who has been here since the beginning, watching VV grow, develop, and succeed has been an exciting and satisfying journey. Overall, most memories are fond, and every …

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VV Interns: A Week in the Life of Christian Acheampong

This summer, before starting his first year at university, Christian Acheampong joined our Design department as an intern. Read on to find out how he found the experience. “For the past 6 weeks, I’ve been working in the design team in the VV London office. As I am a student transitioning to university, working with …

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