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Superyacht Market Signals, VV and Yachting Pages

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In order to accurately value an asset, it’s important to maintain a bird’s eye, holistic view of the marketplace in which the asset is a member. This piece considers both the VesselsValue overview and some statistics from Yachting Pages.

Considering the secondhand marketplace, VesselsValue currently reports on the four interconnected pillars: supply, demand, price level, and liquidity.

See below for a brief overview of the four pillars. Later this month our Head of Superyachts, Sam Tucker, will be presenting a more thorough briefing at the Marine Money Superyacht Finance Forum in Monaco.

After the event, we will make the detailed analysis public (click here to make sure you get your hands on it).

It is also important to look at the wider industry and use external indicators and data sources to verify our numbers, find correlations between time series and ultimately use them as potential inputs for predictions.

Recently, we have been talking with our friends at Yachting Pages, which our industry considers to be the first port of call for finding goods and services within the yachting sector.

With over 2 million page views per year and 500k+ users, they have plenty of data available for analysis.

From Yachting Pages

As the world slowly gets to grips with the Covid-19 pandemic, there are some tangible signs of recovery, particularly within the Superyacht industry.

Search data and traffic on Yachting Pages corroborates this theory. There has been a 64% increase in brokerage searches in the past six months as existing and prospective owners endeavour to get in contact with brokers in their location.

Similarly, there has been an increase in marina searches in the same timeframe. Whilst this doesn’t specifically support the idea that more Yachts are being bought, it does suggest that more Yachts are cruising this year. Viewed alongside the earlier statistics, however, could imply that this is a result of more Yachts being on the water as a result of a sale.

Across the world, Google searches for ‘yachts for sale’, ‘yacht sales’, ‘sailing yachts for sale’ and ‘superyacht brokers’ are all more than 20% up between March 2021 and August 2021 compared to the previous six months. Searches for ‘yacht price’ and ‘yacht dealer’ were up even more significantly during this time, increasing 49% and 83% respectively. All of this suggests that buyers are actively seeking to ascertain information about the current state of the market and the yachts that are currently available to purchase.

It will be interesting to monitor whether this trend continues over the next period. If it does, it becomes a fair assumption that the market is likely to be growing at an impressive rate.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this blog is to provide general information and not to provide advice or guidance in relation to particular circumstances. Readers should not make decisions in reliance on any statement or opinion contained in this blog.

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