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The 8 Layers of Vessel Ownership in VesselsValue

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Since we launched VesselsValue in 2011, we have continued to expand our database to include valuable information regarding vessel documentation, transactions, and valuations. This includes our market-leading vessel ownership database, to which we’ve recently added an eighth layer: the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO). By including this new management tier, we believe shipowners, banks, insurers, and other stakeholders now have the comprehensive vessel management structures they need to inform their decision-making.

Here is a quick overview of UBO and the rest of the management tiers available in VesselsValue.

Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)

The UBO is defined as the company or individual that controls 25% or more of the use and/or title of a vessel, either directly through subsidiary companies or investment holdings, or through participation in Joint Ventures. The UBO is derived by applying commercial logic to our existing company-to-company data.

Within the Ultimate Beneficial Owner tier, you’ll be able to view the current hierarchical management structure of a vessel in a visual display. There is also an option to view historical and future management of each tier in side panels, as well as contact details of the current management, enabling you to learn more about each company’s fleet and individual investment and management structures.

Ultimately, adding this layer creates a comprehensive picture of the entities that control the vessel via either direct or indirect links to the Beneficial Owner. Clarity on the UBO provides necessary context for investors, shipowners, and other interested stakeholders to understand a vessel’s potential trading history risks or investment quality indicators based on ownership before being involved in S&P transactions.

Additional management tiers in VesselsValue include:

  • Beneficial Owner: The company or beneficial owner to which the use and title of a vessel ultimately belong to and are controlled by.
  • Registered Owner: The company to which the vessel is legally registered. This may often be a Single Purpose Company.
  • Commercial Manager: A company appointed by the Beneficial Owner to manage all financial matters for the vessel on their behalf.
  • Operator: The company which has been novated the rights of use to a vessel by the Beneficial Owner. Often these rights are transferred by way of putting it into a pool, long term bareboat or leasing contract.
  • Commercial Controllers: The company or disponent owner which has been novated the rights of use to a vessel by the operator. These rights are commonly transferred by way of a period charter contract or by placing the vessel with a Commercial Manager.
  • Technical Manager: A company appointed by the Beneficial Owner to manage all technical and crewing matters for the vessel on their behalf.
  • ISM Manager: The company that is responsible for the effective implementation of the “International Safety Management” Code aboard the ship.

Talk to our team to see how the ownership and management tiers in VesselsValue could benefit your business.